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8 March 1992
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I want to bring back the dead."
"I want money."
"I want women."
"I want to protect the world."
These thoughts all come from the same place-
Our ID
In other words, they're our truest desires.
The way I see it,
greed is no different from hope.

"Things are not always as they seem and neither are ourselves. We always find something new and old things seem to be false hood. "
"Greetings, my name is Ling Yao. I am the twelfth son over well out of fifty children born to my father, the emperor of Xing. I have been struggling ever since birth to gain the likely hood of being heir to the throne. I am one of the twenty chosen out of the others but still I can not rest. I must kill or be killed."
"It has come to my attention that there is a phoenix in Amestresia. Perhaps if I secure one of its feathers I can grant its immortality to my clan so we shall never die away. Maybe I have found my safety hold to the throne? I won't find out until I've got it in my hands."
"You can't always get what ya want no matter how much you dwell on it. You have to make it happen."
"Yo, names Greed. I can't tell you much about my past life for I am not the same person. People seem to be in refusal of this though and its getting damn annoying. I assure you I am a different person though I share the same contributions. I'm selfish to no boundaries."
"These memories must be false... I am not him! I am me! me! No one else but myself! But...these memories..."
"I've done it now...I attacked Wrath. Now I have severed my bond with Father in one foolish move. I feel so constricted."
"The humans think of me as allies now...This could get pretty interesting... I dare say I'm excited. Let the party begin!"

"Yes, I gave up the most important thing someone could.
My humanity."

| Ling Yao



Im a Ling yao/greed 2.0 cosplayer/roleplayer!
Name: Zihe H. Utomi
I'm literate if you wish to roleplay.
Current residence: Oklahoma, USA
Con(s) I shall try to attend this year: Izumi con, Tokyo in Tulsa
Fav FMA charachter? BEyond belief its not Ling nor Greedling.
Its Mister Heinkel <3
Im a fanfic writer and an artist. I plan on releasing a dojin over the internet every year sporting rare couples like ling/ed and gender benders like male!lanfan. My single person circle is called by my penname: zihe utomi.

current dojin(s) in process:
* (fma)Alle Könige Männer vol. 1 Träume von einem Schmetterling. ((couple(s): Greed!Ling x Ed x Ling)) content Language(s): English/german/chinese ((pages: undecided)) Rateing: R
*(fma) Will-o-wisp ((couple(s): kitsune!ling x Ed)) content language(s):English/german ((pages: undecided)) Rateing: m
*(fma) Unearthly obsession ((couple(s): Onsided greed x ling, LingFan)) Content Language(s): English/chinese ((pages: undecided)) Rateing: T
*(AU!fma)Firm hands and soft smiles- Vol 1. ((couple(s): SigxIzumi, LingxEd, (other) Parental!Izumu/ling)) Content language(s):english ((pages: undecided)) rateing: PG
*(fma)London bridge fall down (coupl(s): Ed/Ling/Winry) Langauges: english only (pages: undecided) rating:

other sites you may find me:

Gaiaonline: xx-greed-ling-xx
DA: gurin-rin