Bad Month

My puppy I have only had for a month died the day before Easter. We asked the vet if it was parvo the first time we went and she just told us he had worms. Guess what it was? Parvo. I just can't believe hes gone.

It doesn't feel real. This is the first time I've felt this way over a death too. It was always a cliched feeling to me, a person who can see ghost.... I don't know...I just feel like I'm not all here anymore.

Warning: Parvos really bad this year. Make sure you get your puppies and dogs vacinated!
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Is anyone else having problems with LJ? I've had the hardest time logging in these pass three weeks. I finally had success today!

My birthdays coming up soon~

On the 8th of March to be exact. I don't know whether to be excited or terrified at the idea of being 17! Ho! One year until I leave the gloomy doldrums of school~

I'm quite ready for college, no doubt. I allready know what college, whom I am going to room with, what I am going to (tripple) major in<3

I am so dreadfully excited!

So poppets, tell me about whats been going on? I am hoping to get on as often as once-a-week now!

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Greetings: Can't wait for the schooling to be over so I can role play with all of you again! I feel eager to show everyone the pictures I've been working on but their mostly WIPS. Tell me what you guys have been up to! CIAO!


Sorry I haven't been replying, commenting, role-playing, or posting journals and fics. My cats managed to knock a glass of water on my laptop, and though the computer works the keyboard doesn't. I'm having to use the on-screen keyboard which is a bloody nuisance.

Again my apologies. I hope to post a few chapters of a rebels uproar and wolves child soon. Unfortunately I have no clue when I'll be able to get this fixed.
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the bunnys return!

Oi! Sorry I haven't posted a fic for awhile. I think I finally have time too finish up stray chapters and patch them.

I'll probably get a chapter of two of Wolves child (Izumi!parental & Chimera!Ling) posted and maybe a chapter of a rebels uproar(GreedLing x Ling). Also Im gutting and re-writing His own Consort(Ed x Ling) which was posted on FF and not LJ.

Also Im thinking of writing a crossover fic of Repo! The genetic opera and FMA. a friend of mine and I were RPing a worthy plot that involved much babbling from Grave Robber and Ling over what the hell a cat was. : D fun stuff.

Then again I might not do that. I allready have a FMA/Pokemon!crystal(game not anime) crossover picture series Im working on.

*shrugs* who knows.

See you guys later!

real life

My cat seems to think its funny to stick claws in my foot and watch me jump 5 feet off the bed. Who am I to judge? It probably is.

anyways wheee two and a half hours of sleep! Time to get ready for brick town art festival!

Sorry I haven't been on

Been at my grandms for awhile visiting variouse relaties.

And she lives in oakhill aka risembool of Oklahoma.
So Im living with dial up D: barely on. takes a long time for things to load.

GOOD NEWS IS: I actually started playing Treasure of the Rudras, I've been working on my fanfics I need to post on LJ, and I've been finishing up rough sketches for my doujinshi will o wisp.


Yah so..see you soon...

Real life

Why do I feel so scared?

the skies are clear...there isnt supposed to be any storms... I really guess last night freaked me out. Im kind of afraid to go to sleep. What if a storm comes and a tornado forms while I'm asleep?
Im really surprised the one that 'supposedly' formed out side of my hosue didnt damage it.... It was so scary to find the grass matted like that in the field across my yard. It ripped some bark from the nearby tree!

times like this I feel my maturity levels drop and really want to cower and cry. Im a kid, its allowed.I guess my only solution is sleeping pills for now...

Great.....phobias are terrible... as if insomnia didn't make sleeping hard enough.